Members of the Falcon GT Club of SA and their Cars

Alans 1967 XR GT Gold
Rons 1968 XT GT Gold
Bernies 1968XTGT White

Johns 1969 XW GT Diamond White

Hughs 1970 XY GT Electric Blue
Rons 1970 XY GT Vermilion Fire
Bens 1971 XY GT Jewel Green
Daynes 1971 XY GYHO 3 Vermilion Fire
Micks 1973 XA GT Pottery Beige

Seans 1974 XB GT Coupe Burnt Orange
Johns 1975 XB GT Polar White James' 1976 XB GT Sherwood Green

Robs 2003 BA GT-P Vixen Red
Grahams 2004 BA GT Blue Pearl